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      Jakarta, Aug 22, 2011 (ANTARA) - As the post-fasting Idul Fitri celebration approaches, a total of 96,393 police personnel are being deployed to ensure public safety and enjoyable trips during the Muslim holiday exodus.
      The police personnel consist of 769 officers from the National Police Headquarters and 95,624 officers from the regional police offices, National Police Chief General Timur Pradopo said when launching "Operation Ketupat" which is to last from August 22 to September 6, 2011.

      The number of this year`s Idul Fitri travelers is estimated to reach 15.5 million , or an increase of 4.17 percent from that of last year`s 14.9 million. The Ramadhan fasting month is to end on August 29 or 30.       The home-bound people are expected to travel by buses, trains, ships, airplanes, private cars and motorcycles.

Operation Ketupat 2011 to ensure the travelers` safety, was to be conducted simultaneously throughout the country by every police unit and in cooperation with other related institutions.

"This demonstrates the readiness of the National Police and other elements in ensuring security of and giving services to the public so they can celebrate Idul Fitri safely and enjoyably, while getting together with their relatives," he said.

Operation Ketupat would be carried out for 16 days by prioritizing synergy between security posts and public services, he stated.

Last year, police deployed 89,521 personnel in Operation Ketupat and set up 2,592 security posts across the country.

Based on data from an evaluation of last year`s Idul Fitri, there had been 1,519 traffic accidents claiming 342 lives, 461 people were seriously and 938 others lightly injured from Day-7 to Day+7 of Idul Fitri. The traffic accidents caused material losses estimated at Rp6 billion.

In 2009, 702 people were killed, 859 seriously injured and 1,697 lightly injured in 1,646 road accidents a few days before and after Idul Fitri festivities throughout Indonesia.

Nearly 75 percent of the traffic accidents in 2009 involved motorcyclists, while in 2010 the number was down to 70 percent.

Considering the danger of using motorcycles on long and tiring journeys, Transportation Minister Freddy Numberi has urged people intending to make their home-bound Idul Fitri trips by motorcycle to use public transportation means instead.

He said such people had better take ships or trains to transport them and their motorcycles to their hometowns during the Idul Fitri exodus.

"The number of ships will be increased because we predict (the number of home-bound travelers) will surge especially at Merak-Bakahueni. The number of home-bound travelers using motorcycles will be up by seven percent and private cars by six percent," the minister said after attending a cabinet meeting discussing the government`s preparations for serving the public during the Idul Fitri exodus.

The government hoped the number of traffic accidents involving motorcycles would decrease this year, by deploying ships and trains to carry motorists and their vehicles.

A number of related ministries and institutions had prepared various facilities and infrastructures for the safety and convenience of motorcyclists.

The transportation ministry would even provide a free ship that will depart on Saturday (August 27) from Tanjung Priok harbor, North Jakarta, to Tanjung Mas harbor in Semarang, Central Java.

The ship has a capacity to accommodate 1,500 people and 500 motorcycles. The government will accept two passengers maximally for each motorcycle.

Police Chief General Timur Pradopo urged Idul Fitri home-bound motorists heading to Central Java to use the free ship.

Earlier, police urged Idul Fitri home-bound travelers not to use motorcycles and, if they insisted, they should not take more than two passengers.

In Jakarta, police will take stern measures against any motorcyclist with more than one passenger or over-loaded with goods.

A number of integrated security command posts are expected to be set up throughout Java to secure all roads on the island during the Muslim festivity 2011.

The setting up of the command posts was part of the government efforts to provide good services to the people celebrating Idul Fitri in their hometowns, Transportation Minister Freddy Numberi said in Solo, Central Java, last July.

Minister Numberi said he had discussed with concerned ministers about the need to provide food, beverages and fuel for those needing them during their trips.

All preparations needed to give the best possible services to Idul Fitri home-bound travelers were discussed in a cabinet meeting led by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the presidential office in Jakarta on Monday (Aug 22).

"I know we have done many things, especially related ministers who are in charge of this matter. However, a week before Idul Fitri, we must make sure that our preparations are adequate and we can give the public the best possible services," the president said in the meeting.

The head of sate also instructed cooperation and coordination among all ministries and other government institutions in serving home-bound travelers for the sake of their smooth and safe journeys. ***3***

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