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Jakarta, April 7, 2018 (Antara)- Banyuwangi, dubbed as the Sunrise of Java, is located in the easternmost coast of Java Island and is also known as the city of carnivals and festivals for routinely organizing various cultural events to attract domestic and foreign tourists.
         This year, Banyuwangi has planned to organize 77 festivals, including 10 in April.
         Banyuwangi has promised to indulge adventure lovers, with at least 10 festivals ranging from underwater adventures to mountain climbing this April.
         Among the attractions are Banyuwangi Underwater Festival, Banyuwangi Ijen Green Run, Culinary Fiesta, and Clean River Festival, Abdullah Azwar Anas, district head of Banyuwangi, noted recently.
         The Banyuwnagi Underwater Festival was held at Bangsring Underwater Marine Park in Wongsorejo subdistrict from April 4 to 6. The festival features the 48-hour Nemo dancing event, underwater "Gandrung" dance, canoe race, beach run race, and diving photography contest.
         A fishing festival was organized in Grand Watu Dodol beach on April 7.
         The Banyuwangi Ijen Green Run will start from Tamansari resort area located in Licin sub-district on April 8.
         "This trail run race should not be missed, because they offer a lot of beautiful nature sceneries along the route," Anas remarked.

         The marathon will be divided into three categories, namely a 6-kilometer family run, 18-kilometer half run, and 33-kilometer long run.
         There will also be a special category, namely an exhibition class spinning one kilometer, for children between 6 and 12 years old.
         On April 12, Banyuwangi will promote its Kesrut chicken cuisine during a Banyuwangi Culinary Festival to be held in Blambangan park. Chef Farah Quinn will be present at the festival.
         A Banyuwangi Art Week will take place from April 12 to 15, enabling visitors to enjoy both local dishes and art performances.
         In April this year, there will also be a Week in Songgon, (April 21 to 29), Bekisar chickens and cat contests (April 22), Literature Festival (April 28-29), and Clean River and Traditional Market Festival (April 29).
         During a week in Songgon, participants will experience various adventures in the village located at the foot of Mount Raung, such as rafting in Badeng River, enjoying scenery of waterfalls, pine forest, and tree houses, as well as horse race and archery competition, Muhammad Yanuarto Bramuda, head of the Banyuwangi tourism office, elaborated.
         Meanwhile, Banyuwangi won the clean tourist city award during the ASEAN Tourism Forum held in Thailand on January 26, 2018, for its success in improving comfort for tourist visits.  
    The district won an award from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) at a ceremony held in Madrid, Spain, in January 2016.
         The Banyuwangi administration, with its "Re-inventing the Government in Tourism" project, emerged as the winner for Innovation in the Public Policy and Governance category at the 12th UNWTO Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism.  
    This year, out of its total 77 tourism events, three are included in the 2018 Calendar of 100 Events of Wonderful Indonesia.
         The three major events are Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival (BEC), International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen (ITdBI) cycling race, and Gandrung Sewu. 
    Other tourism events to be held by Banyuwangi this year include Beach Jazz Festival, Jazz Ijen, and Lunar Festival on March 17, Dance Festival on March 31, Chocolate Festival on May 12, and Kuntulajn Festival from October 3 to 6.
         Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya has lauded the tourism programs of Banyuwangi and is optimistic that the attractive events would be able to lure visitors.
         The minister revealed that Banyuwangi has been designated as one of 10 branding or co-branding destinations of Wonderful Indonesia under the brand "Banyuwangi, the City of Carnivals and Festivals," thanks to its 3A elements (attractions, amenity, and accessibility).
         "Banyuwangi has all the criteria to become a major tourist destination, namely world-class tourism attractions, complete amenities, and accessibility, but to become an international destination, we need to open international flight routes," he explained recently.
         Some 15 thousand delegates from 189 countries will fly in to Bali. Part of the delegations might land at the Banyuwangi airport.
         The district, located in the eastern tip of East Java Province, has been designated as a supporting region for the world's largest and most influential financial and economic gathering.
         Banyuwangi is eager to showcase its tourist destinations, natural resources, and investment opportunities to some participants of the annual meetings who might land on its international airports.
         One of its best attractions is a journey to the Kawah Ijen Volcano to see the famous blue sculpture flame. Dazzling, electric-blue fire can often be seen streaming down Mount Ijen, at night in particular. The glow is actually the light formed due to the combustion of sulfuric gases.
         At the top of the volcano is the Kawah Ijen Crater Lake, which is the world's largest water body filled with hydrochloric acid. In fact, it is the acid that makes the water green.  ***1***

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